How To Care For Cast Aluminum Garden Furniture

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Feb. 04, 2024



How To Care For Cast Aluminum Garden Furniture

Considering the difficult environment that the entire world is facing, the Spring weather is finally looking to make an appearance- this is the perfect time to go to your garden, and give it a freshen up after the long winter. Although it is very tempting to forcefully clean or bleach any outdoor garden furniture, we strongly advise against it! Here are some simple and valuable suggestions that you can follow. We created a guide on how to clean and care for cast aluminum garden furniture to make it look as good as new.

Cast aluminum is an extraordinary material for outdoor furniture-it looks great, it is a very versatile material, and relatively cheap, if you love it, it can also be used for years! Here are some tips on how to clean and Recommendations for maintaining aluminum garden furniture.

Cast aluminum garden furniture

Cast aluminum garden furniture

The difference between aluminum furniture and cast aluminum furniture:

The most obvious difference between aluminum furniture and cast aluminum furniture is that aluminum furniture is usually hollow, while cast aluminum is solid and heavy, but this does not necessarily mean that cast aluminum is more durable. Cast aluminum garden furniture will not rust but will produce a powdery white oxide layer. When your furniture is exposed to the natural environment, it will happen naturally. However, if you know how to properly remove cast aluminum oxidation is not as difficult as you think.

Most hollow aluminum sets go through a process called extrusion. Very simply, this means that a piece of metal is forced through a machine that shapes it into a hollow, round or square frame.

There are several things to consider when looking for a good quality extruded aluminum.

ㆍWeight: The heavier the chair, the better quality material. This means there is potentially more support and the chair is less likely to blow away. However, a lighter chair is better for senior customers or families with children because the chairs are moved easily.

ㆍSupport: Because extruded aluminum is hollow, it is more likely to dent or bend if it is thrown in the wind. Certain manufacturers include supports within the metal to ensure there is extra support to prevent dents and bending.

ㆍTechniques: Powder-coating is a technique used to paint metals where the metal surface is cleaned and smoothed and then painted with a Corona gun. The paint comes out in powder form and is attracted to the metal by an electrostatic charge. ㆍIt is then baked to become glossy and melt around the metal for a clean finish. ㆍOther manufacturers may just use a standard paint either in spray or liquid format and apply it to the metal, which often makes it more susceptible to peeling. ㆍThe majority of our sets are powder-coated. Major defects occur when the metal is not cleaned properly BEFORE the Corona paint is applied. This causes bubbling, peeling paint and faded or blotchy paint.

ㆍWelding: Some manufacturers will use brass to weld joints instead of aluminum or steel. Majority of welding is done in a combination material of aluminum, zinc and steel.

ㆍStorage: Most extruded aluminum sets are stackable. Mainly because, winter storage is recommended to prevent freeze damage. Offering a stacking alternative, gives customers reassurance that they can properly store and protect their investment.

Cast aluminum sets are often formed a mold. They poor the extremely hot, molten metal into a cast frame and let it set. This ensures that more intricate designs can be applied to your patio furniture. It also provides more stability in the product structure because there are no hollow components.

Similar to extruded aluminum, there are several quality differentiators for cast aluminum to look out for:

ㆍFillers: Some manufacturers will use fillers within the aluminum that make them less dense and more susceptible to cracks and breakage. Hanamint and Gensun products are the purest that we sell and offer a 10-15-year structural warranty.

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ㆍ3D molds: You will recognize that certain cast sets look as if they are only finished on one side. The backs of the chairs will look concave. A 3D mold ensures that the product is finished on all sides and attractive from any view.

ㆍWeld Sanding: Some welds are what we call ‘bubble-gum welds’ which means that the manufacturer has not taken the time to sand down and smooth out the welding point. The countervailing argument is that sometimes if a weld is sanded down too much, the joint becomes weak.

Use of safe cast aluminum cleaning products:

Alkaline-based cleaners will further alumina, so please avoid using products containing ammonia and other chemicals, and any degreasing cleaners containing trisodium phosphate. You may find ammonia in the following cleaning products:

Window/glass cleaner

Floor polishing wax

Bathroom cleaners (including toilet cleaners)

Multiple cleaners

Stainless steel cleaner

Garden decoration

Garden decoration

If your aluminum garden furniture has only light oxidation (slightly tarnished), then before you buy any expensive off-the-shelf products, you can try a simple acid solution of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water. However, if you have been away from it for a few years, let us face it, we have done this in the past, and then let your cast aluminum garden furniture shine, just follow these simple steps:

Use a hard wire brush to remove any loose debris from the surface. It will be perfect for you: aluminum garden table, aluminum garden sofa, and aluminum garden bench. However, for more complex designs on aluminum garden chairs, consider using a hard wire brush with the size of a smaller toothbrush.

Wear rubber gloves and scrub around the frame with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad dipped in marine aluminum cleaner.

Rinse the frame with warm water and dry it with a towel.

To prevent corrosion and add a little extra gloss, you can apply a very thin layer of car wax with a cloth. However, it is important not to do this too frequently, as it will start to damage the material.

Aluminum Casting Garden Decoration Suppliers remind you that washing must be minimized, so as to prevent oxidation.


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