The Slurry Pumps Are Ready for Shipment: RT1.5/1B-AH

Author: May

Jun. 06, 2024



Tags: Minerals & Metallurgy

The slurry pumps are ready for shipment.

The parameters:

1.5/1B-AH , Gland seal

high chrome A05 wet end parts

CV drive mode

Color RAL5017

Motor, 2P-3KW

Protection Class, IP55

Voltage &Frequency, 380V  50Hz


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The Slurry Pumps Are Ready for Shipment: RT1.5/1B-AH

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Shijiazhuang Ruite Pump Co., Ltd. is one of the high-enterprises integrating research, design, production and sales systems, produces slurry pumps, dredge pumps, gravel pumps, desulphurization pumps and pump parts.


Our standard TAH(R) slurry pump, THH slurry pump, TSP(R) Vertical slurry pump, TG(H) gravel pump and all spare parts are interchangeable with Warman (weir) slurry pumps and spares. Meanwhile, Custom slurry pumps and spare parts are welcome. We will open mold and manufacure as your design drawing or samples.


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