Top 10 Wire & Cable manufacturing companies in United states by revenue for March 2024

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    Top 10 Wire & Cable manufacturing companies in United states by revenue for March 2024

    Listed below are the leading companies in United states by revenue as of March 2024. With $29.5B in revenue, Sumitomo Electric is ranked first on the list, followed by Southwire with $2.8B in revenue and Encore Wire with $2.6B in revenue. Find additional information about some of the biggest companies in United states such as their contact details, employees, location, org chart, news and much more.


    By revenue





    • 1
    • Sumitomo Electric
    • , Manufacturing
    • Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

    • $29.5B

    • 2
    • Southwire
    • , Manufacturing
    • Carrollton, Georgia, United States

    • $2.8B

    • 3
    • Encore Wire
    • , Manufacturing
    • Mc Kinney, Texas, United States

    • $2.6B

    • 4
    • Samtec
    • , Manufacturing
    • New Albany, Indiana, United States

    • $2B

    • 5
    • Leviton
    • , Manufacturing
    • Melville, New York, United States

    • $1.8B

    • 6
    • Lapp Tannehill
    • , Manufacturing
    • Savage, Minnesota, United States

    • $1.2B

    • 7
    • WireCo WorldGroup
    • , Manufacturing
    • Prairie Village, Kansas, United States

    • $949.4M

    • 8
    • Superior Essex
    • , Manufacturing
    • Atlanta, Georgia, United States

    • $814.7M

    • See also:
    • 10
    • The Okonite Company
    • , Manufacturing
    • Ramsey, New Jersey, United States

    • $426.6M

A high-voltage cable is a cable that is meant for the purpose of electric power transmission at high voltage. A cable consists of a conductor and insulation – masterpiece designed by high voltage cable manufacturers. Cables have a complete insulation system which includes insulation, semi-con layers, and a metallic shield.

As now the real and physical power of high voltage is clear, it will be simpler to understand its workings and structure. Individual conductors carry high voltage and therefore it requires a specific high voltage power cable for electric power transmission. Here, the product designed by high voltage cable manufacturers comes into picture.

Different types of high voltage cables are used for to various applications. Some of them are crucial for instruments, alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) power transmission, and systems for ignition. The main purpose behind having a high voltage power cable system is to avoid any contact between other objects or living beings with a high voltage conductor.

Even when ozone-produced electric discharges in the air cause the high voltage to spike, the insulation of a high voltage power cable must still be regulated. The insulation of each cable terminal and joint must be protected by a metallic shield connected to the ground. This metallic shield is meant for the purpose to equalize the di-electric stress layer that contains the insulation.

Electricity is the lifeline of humankind. Without this, there can be no progress. It is worth noting that all the progress done by humankind in the past century was possible because of the continuous supply of electricity. Nations that made electricity their main agenda were able to become global leaders. All of this has been possible because of the continuous efforts made by the high voltage cable manufacturers.

7 leading high voltage cable manufacturers eliminating chances of potential danger

According to Global High Voltage Cable Manufacturers’ Market Report, this market will keep on growing. As per the analysis of trends, this will help the leading players in formulating strategies for global expansion. High voltage cables help in distributing electricity to far regions. Not only this, it has acted as the backbone of many megacities across globe – for supplying non-stop supply of electricity. Due to this, high voltage cable manufacturers have maintained their status as the support system of megacities.

Check out sample report that highlights the business plans appointed by major players of this market. A proper analysis of trends also show that this market has experienced meteoric rise in demand because of the increased safety standards. This was possible because of the efforts made by international regulatory bodies.

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group has been leading the industry of high-technology cables and systems for energy and telecommunications for over 140 years. Company’s strategic footprint allows them to service emerging markets and communities across the globe with ease. The business model is diversified by portfolio and geographical area. The company manage its operations in more than 50 countries around the globe.


Nexans is a global company in the cable and optical fiber industry headquartered in France. The company is active in four major business areas: buildings and territories, high voltage and projects, data and telecoms, industry and solutions. The company was founded in 2000 and its headquarters are located in France.

General Cable

General Cable is an American multinational cable manufacturing company based in the United States, with sales offices and manufacturing facilities in multiple continents. The company laid its foundation in 1927.

Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables is an Indian producer of electrical and telecommunication cables. It is the flagship company of the Finolex Group, which was formed in 1958. The company also works in other areas like manufacturing of polyvinyl chloride sheets for roofing, signage and interiors.


Okonite is an American corporation that manufacturers insulated wire and cable. The company was established in 1878 and its headquarters are based in the United States.



Belden is an American corporation that manufacturers networking, connectivity, and cable products. Belden also designs, produces, and markets signal transmission products for demanding applications. The company laid its foundation in 1902 and its headquarters are based in the United States.


Building wires and utility cables, as well as the tools used to install them, are among the products developed, manufactured, and distributed by Southwire, one of the big names in the industry. The company laid its establishment in 1950 and its headquarters are based in the United States.

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