Why do we need pipe sleeves?

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Oct. 24, 2023



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What Are Piping Sleeves?

Piping sleeves are shielding rings that are used to ensure a pipe hole is open. They can also act as cover to establish a boundary between pipes and the surroundings or you can still use them to fill spaces between pipes. The sleeves are employed when creating a pipe system or building.


This is used when renovating or constructing a building. These are rings that are placed in forms for the concrete walls. When making the wall, the form develops a hole that is wide enough to place in a pipe.


It is also extra-large than the tube which passes through it and establishes a gap. On the other hand, there is also a sleeve used during and after you finish a building construction.


This can help you fill the voids where the pipes get through the walls and give rise to a separation between two sides in which air cant pass.


They normally comprise several materials like firestop material, sheet metal, and polyvinyl chloride. Moreover, when a pipe runs to a sewer, it is blanketed with an external sleeve. And there are two major reasons for using these pipe sleeves.


That is for the protection from fire or odor. When a pipe sleeve is around the water pipe, the pipe can sometimes go into the sewer. When you place an airtight seal around an opening in the floor next to the pipes, the odor from the sewer cannot come back around it.


Fire stops function on a similar notion except they halt fire than the smell. And as hot air from fire tries to move up and then out, it naturally pulls the fire via the gaps around pipes. Hence spreading fire fast.


The last type of sleeve is always put on when constructing, though its goal is for later on. The sleeves do protect the lines from the environment and the reverse is true. The most well-known varieties are insulating and protective which prevents damages that may arise from accidental effects in high traffic zones.


Some tubes carry very cold or hot materials. In some instances, the materials must remain at the current temperature for the insulating sleeve to keep the temperature in the pipe. Besides, those same materials can impact the surrounding temperature or result in burns if you touch them and the sleeves also protect from this.


The Importance Of Pipe Protection Sleeves

Pipe protection sleeves are an essential part of any pipe installation. The main applications of pipe sleeves include:


Protection of Pipes against Corrosion

Pipe sleeves can also prevent corrosion on metal pipes by creating a barrier between them and any corrosive liquids or gases that might flow through them. This prevents any corrosion on one side of the pipe from spreading to other areas where it could cause problems for people or equipment operating nearby or further downstream in case of an accident or malfunctioning equipment.


Protection of Pipes Against Abrasion

One benefit of using pipe sleeves is to protect pipes from abrasion. The elements that cause abrasion are wind, rain, snow, and ice, and these can cause damage to pipes if they are not protected with sleeves. Different types of pipe sleeves make it easier to protect your pipes against the elements.


For example, metal pipe sleeves are made from aluminum or steel metals that are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions even if theyre exposed for long periods.


Allow Easy Movement of Pipes

Another advantage of using pipe sleeves is that they allow pipes to be moved more quickly when necessary. Lines may need to be moved if their location changes or need maintenance work done. Moving pipes without pipe sleeves are complicated because they tend to get stuck on other lines or machinery parts, which can cause damage or even disrupt operations entirely.


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